Five mom-baby activities designed for bonding Source: Embryos Alive

Five mom-baby activities designed for bonding

Regardless of your child’s personality, all children can gain a lot from mom-baby activities that are designed to improve bonding. If mom suffers from postpartum depression, or if traumatic early years of the child make it difficult to form that eternal bond between mom and baby, here are five mom-baby activities to help you bond with your child.

  1. Copycat

This is a playful activity where you need to mirror your child and do exactly what they do. You don’t really need any toys or space for this simple activity. You just need to be alert and mindful of the way your child behaves and copy it the same way and with the same speed. Clap your hands, jump around, or just copy facial expressions.

  1. Balance

The parent sits down with their arms stretched. The child needs to balance a toy on their head. When the parent blinks, the child needs to tip the toy into the parent’s stretched arms. Eye contact is crucial for this activity.

  1. Piggy Back

This activity brings the parent and child physically close. It is an intimate game that can be a lot of fun! Young children feel more secure if they are physically close to their parents or primary caregivers.

  1. Massage

This is one of the best activities that can help you bond with your baby. You can either use lotion or oil. The best time to do this activity is close to bedtime since massaging helps relax muscles. This is an intimate activity that enhances attachment between mom and baby.

  1. Bath

The bond between the mom and baby can be enhanced with the bath activity. It is intimate so make the most of this time together - and from as early as possible.