How to Stop Your Toddler From Acting Up Source: Positive Parenting Solutions

How to Stop Your Toddler From Acting Up

The joys of parenting are numerous, as are the rewards of seeing your child blossom into a lively child and responsible young adult. However, we can all remember those years of the ‘terribles’, and sympathize with any parent still drudging through its territory. Despite popular belief, the terribles don’t just accompany the two’s, but usually start before two and can linger for years after.

One of the more challenging issues for parents of toddlers is the dreaded trip to the grocery store. How do you avoid the grabbing, screaming, kicking, and crying child that your precious toddler turns into the moment you hit the automatic doors of a store? Here is a collaboration of tips from some aged parents that are in the know!

Because we are in the age of technology, phones and tablets are always a good option. These will keep your tiny tots occupied for hours! Let’s face it, who doesn’t love some screen time?

However, if you aren’t crazy about pushing a screen in front of your kids face, try a coloring book or favorite toy. The downfall here is constantly picking up crayons that get dropped or toys that seem to go flying across the store.

Another great way to keep the little one occupied is food. Snacks that are easily toteable and won’t mush under the pressure of little hands are a fantastic way to engage any kid.

Finally, make a game of it and let your little one help. Most children love to be a helper and this could be a bonus for future years when you actually need help. Let them make choices, teach them about prices, and let the good times roll!

As always, try to keep your trips well organized and short for the most success, and remember - this too shall pass.