Why should a Women have Parental Care? Source: Stanford

Why should a Women have Parental Care?

Parental care is requires during pregnancy to have a safe and healthy birth. The proper and timely care will definitely promote a healthy pregnancy throughout the time period of nine months. If a women is suspects that she is pregnant, she should visit a gynaecologist. This visit may include:

  • A blood test
  • Urine testing
  • Physical check-up
  • Weight check up

On the basis of requirement and the stage of pregnancy, the doctor recommend you different types of tests. Following are a few reasons for which a women should have parental care:

Pregnancy complications

Women are unware of the pregnancy complications especially when they are expecting for the first time. Following healthy diet and regular exercise prescribed by the doctor will be best to avoid the pregnancy complications.

Infant’s complications

Complications and diseases in infants can be minimized with the help of parental care. The infant’s complications may include the damage to the body part or mental problems. All these problems should be treated when baby is in the mother’s womb. Otherwise it will be very difficult to treat.


Women always need parental care to avoid the risk of miscarriages. Smoking and alcoholic products may be responsible for it. Excessive rate of blood pressure and diabetes may also cause problems.

Decreased weight

Usually, a woman gains weight during her pregnancy. If you are decreasing weight then you surely need the parental care. Folic acid and many other such medicines should be provided to mothers during their parental care.