How to Say No to Your Kid

How to Say No to Your Kid

How many times have you heard “Mom play with me” or “Mom I am bored, let’s do something” and you’ve left all your duties just to play with your child?
We think that it is absolutely important for you to play with your kid and spend most of your time with him/her, but sometimes you just got to say no.
It is especially the case when you have a small child who is three or four years old, because they are simply “addicted” to you, because you are their mommy and they often hang onto you.
And we know that it is so hard to say no to those gorgeous eyes, but sometimes you just have to, because your child needs to learn how to entertain himself.
It is extremely important in so many ways because your kid will get to know himself and learn about his/her personal interests and will learn to be independent.
We don’t mean literally independent, like an adult, but sometimes it is crucial for child to know how to play when others are busy or not around.
In that way they will become self-confidence and will simply learn to love other things besides cars or dolls, in case you have a girl.
Besides, if you do everything your child says and anytime he/she wants, your kid will turn into a spoiled brat and then you will realize that you have made some mistakes while he/she was younger.
So that’s why you should simply explain to your kid when you can or cannot play with him/her, and you can always buy him/her something that will entertain him/her while you are busy.
And of course when you finish with your obligations, you can dedicate every single second to your kid.