Introducing Solid Food to Baby

Introducing Solid Food to Baby

Doctors say that you can introduce solid food to your baby anytime between 4 to 6 months. But, every baby is not ready at this time for solid food. This becomes a problem for parents to realize that the baby is ready for solid food or not. Here are few signals your baby gives when he is ready for solid food.

1.    Check if your baby can keep his head steady and hold in upright position.

2.    Check if your baby is interested in what you are having and also grabs food from your plate.

3.    You can also try keeping solid food into his mouth and see if he tries to swallow is or use his tongue to spit it out.

4.    Check if your baby is still hungry after getting his portion of milk of full day.

5.    Check if your baby is grown up. Check if he has doubled his birth weight and weighs about 13 pounds.