Can you have a Baby after Cancer?

Can you have a Baby after Cancer?

The last thing that people think after being affected by cancer is about having children in your mind. Time is very crucial for those who are affected with cancer. Before undergoing a surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, you should have discussion on fertility. You need to act as quickly as possible. Treatment of cancer patients can affect a patient’s ability to have children. Some factors that can adversely affect the patient is his or her age, type of chemo, dosage, type of cancer, radiation therapy, location and reproductive system’s surgery. 

Some patients can start radiation or chemo straight away while some can wait for the women’s eggs to harvest and men can collect their sperms, freeze and store it for fertility cryopreservation. The patients can also become inundated with their decision making power. Most women who are affected by cancer are professionals. Some patients plan their family in a very effective way. Cancer is a chronic disease and the number of people dying due to this disease is increasing. 

Sperm banking usually gets over in just one afternoon. A low count of sperm or a poor movement of sperm means that they have to return for a second specimen. In case the sperm banking fails, your hormones and anatomy can get affected. If cancer is in the testicles, the production of sperms gets affected. It gets easier for the single women and they can avoid all complications regarding storage of embryos. This process takes place in four to six weeks for women.