Interesting Facts About Babies

Interesting Facts About Babies

Babies are adorable, we all know this. For most people they are the best reason for happiness. But, they are very different than adults. This means that there are many interesting facts about them. If you will become a parent soon, you should know several of them.
1.    Babies have 60 more bones than adults. During the time, some bones connect themselves and form stronger bone.
2.    A newborn baby has a small amount of blood. In fact, she has one cup of blood.
3.    A baby needs 8.000 diaper changes until she learns how to use the toilet.
4.    Babies don’t have bacteria in their bodies.
5.    For a few months, newborn babies can see in black and white.
6.    Breastfeeding can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease by 22%. This was proved by a study.
7.    Baby’s foreskins are used in cosmetic treatments.
8.    Babies don’t dream for the first years of their life. At least many neuroscientists believe in this.
9.    Doctors believed that babies don’t feel pain. They conducted surgeries without anesthesia. Since 1985, this was changed.
10.    Prematurely born babies are usually left-handed.
11.    The youngest professional football player is 20 months old baby.
12.    Pregnant women who snore, usually have smaller babies.
13.    If a mother gets organ damage, during the pregnancy, a baby will send stem cells in order to help her repair damage.
14.    Some countries, like: Germany, Denmark and Iceland, have rules that regulate how a baby can be named.
15.    Babies need so much sleep because their brain uses 50% of glucose supply.
16.    60% of people in South Korea uses professionals in order to choose the right name for their baby.